Tuesday, July 5, 2011


About us: I'm in my 20's and my husband is in his early 30's. We've been blissfully married for 4+ years, together for 7+. By today's standards, in our area, I married young. Immediately after we got married (realistically, it was for many years before), I knew that I wanted to be a mother and we tried to see if we could conceive naturally. Since I was young, there was no concern. Time was our friend and we figured that my irregular periods were the culprit. Three years into the marriage, I started to wonder if there was something more that was preventing pregnancy and went to a highly recommended doctor. He performed a series of tests and a laparascopy and determined that I have PCOS and mild Endometriosis. The doctor remarked that he was happy that I had come in at a young age and that he didn't recommend that we wait to start getting serious about our fertility. He said that as soon as we were ready to try to get pregnant with intervention, he would put me on Clomid and Metformin. An optimist at the time, I figured we could wait a little while before we turned to the meds.

Recently, we decided it was time to get really serious about having a baby. I scheduled an appointment and went in. The fertility doc requested genetic tests and they all came back with no issues. The doctor mentioned my husband needed to come in for a sperm analysis and then we could start trying the Clomid. Before we got the Clomid, we got my husband's results: 16 mil sperm, 13% motility and 1% morphology. So this is where we are at currently. My husband has to go back in for another SA to make sure the results are accurate. The Clomid is on hold. Our follow-up appointment is in late August and I am finding it really hard to wait. I want to know what his results are now, and I want to have a conversation with our doctor right away. I hate the wait.

I've read up on hours and hours of research and it looks like the morphology and motility are very concerning and IVF/ICSI may be our best option. Now, I'm not a doctor and this is a guess. Who knows what his recommendation will be. In the meantime, all sorts of thoughts are going through my head. Are we ever going to be parents? How many times will we be able to try fertility treatments before our insurance won't be able to cover them or before we tire out and give up? Are we going to end up adopting?

I do have to say though that I am glad that one thing is still on my side: time. I'm young and I'm certainly thankful that I'm not getting this news much later in life.

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