Thursday, July 7, 2011

Positive Visualization

Dr. Google is a wealth of knowledge but boy can that doctor make your head spin when there is something wrong. Personal experiences, articles, and information from medical professionals themselves fill pages upon pages of materials. Googling “low motility and morphology” I am able to pull up a wealth of information on what those in comparable situations went through. It seems most ended up going the IVF/ICSI route. And then I start looking at their decision points. How many cycles? One embryo or two? Out of pocket or will insurance cover it?

Maybe I’m a planner with stuff like this or maybe it’s natural to imagine yourself in their shoes, but I start asking myself those questions just in case we will have to answer them. And naturally, because I know that I won’t be making any of these decisions alone, I start asking my husband. One or two embryos? He looks at me as if I’m losing my mind. He hasn’t even done the second SA and I am already leaping 10 steps ahead. But I can’t help it and hey, if it helps me feel better to do some positive visualization, then it’s fair game. “Two” he says and the excitement bubbles over. I know twins are difficult, but if they take and it’s meant to be, it will be right for us. Deep inside, I have a feeling we will have twins. I know it’s just a feeling, but it’s a strong feeling.

Speaking of planning and positive visualization, what would daycare cost for twins out here?


  1. I am exactly like that too - the Planner! :-) And also get too far ahead of myself and way too excited, way too fast... We are currently doing our first IVF (and hopefully the only) without ICSI. After 6 failed IUI cycles I am full of hope and very excited! Our clinic has ~65% success the first IVF for women my age (late 20's), which is pretty promissing. Our state does not allow more than 2 embrios to be transfered to a women under 35 so we are going to transfer two. Honestly, I would be very happy if we end up with twins (~38% chance at our clinic for my age)! Good luck on your journey! Have you found a clinic yet?

  2. I'm 26, so we're close in age. I'm shocked by the success rate (and excited!). And oh my gosh on the twin rate at your clinic! I'm praying for you. Maybe we'll both end up with twins ;)

  3. The overall success rate for under 30 is actually 55% but it is 65% for the first try, 55% on the second try and 45% on the third - so yes very encouraging. Thank you! Can't wait! ;-)