Saturday, July 9, 2011


Talking about money is tacky, but talking about money anonymously is justifiable if it's in regard to infertility, right? We're lucky that we live in a state that mandates that health insurance cover fertility treatments. Unfortunately, my company's health insurance is self insured so they can get around that and they don't cover fertility services. That leaves us with my husband's health insurance as an option which is significantly more expensive. Each month we pay over $400 to cover us, knowing that we will need to use it for fertility services. Meanwhile, my jaw drops each time I see the rates at my work which are more than 4 times cheaper. But that's the sacrifice that we make to have the chance to have kids.

If the fertility treatments fail, however, and we decide to go the adoption route, I just don't know how we will be able to afford it. The thought stresses me out. We are no longer talking about $400 a month for health insurance but tens of thousands of dollars. How come foster parents receive a stipend but those who would make a child extremely happy are shuttered out of being able to adopt due to financial reasons? If I had the funds, I'd start an organization to help parents adopt. An adoption philanthropist - giving parents the opportunity to adopt a child and giving children a home. Win/win.


  1. I know how you feel... It is always at the back of my mind too... Our IVF cycle costs around $13K. Luckily insurance will have about $8k of the cost this time (we initially had $15k limit for infertility but wasted it all on IUI cycles). We are hoping that I will have enough eggs to freeze this cycle so that if our first cycle is unsuccessful then we can do FET which is "only" $5k.

  2. Adina, are you in the US? 15k definitely doesn't take you far in regard to infertility treatments.

  3. I am in US and live in Minnesota. We do not have required infertility coverage so actually my insurance is considered to be one of the better ones as most don't cover anything at all... :-(