Sunday, July 17, 2011


I had a dream we adopted a baby last night. It was a beautiful, tiny baby girl. I just remember that in my dream, I was so incredibly smitten by this sweet little girl as soon as she was in my arms. Everything just felt so right. For a dream, everything was so vivid and I could really feel each emotion.

Anyway, I wonder what kind of parents we will be. The one upside to not being able to conceive for a long time is that you get to see a lot of your friends and family members start their own families. And you learn (at least in my case) what kind of parents you want or don’t want to be. Their challenges become your lessons. Of course, it’s easy to think you won’t to do this or that, but in reality, who knows what you will be like when you are actually a parent.

It’s been interesting to see how our friends/family “cope” with having a new baby. Some of them continue on with their lives and others seem to be trapped in their houses, afraid to take a baby out for fear that it will cry or misbehave. I really hope that we are going to fall into the first category. I don’t want to be the kind of mother that tries to one up other mothers, or the one that doesn’t let her baby be a baby. I hope I’m laid back enough to go with the flow.

Anyway, what kind of parent are you hoping to be?

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